COVID-19 and the lockdown in 2020 brought about a period of uncertain
change for all of us. It was certainly like nothing I had experienced before.
Suddenly I was isolated, living alone, allowed out for exercise once a day. It
was a challenge to say the least, but on the positive side, it enabled me to
discover myself and opened my eyes to the need for more awareness
surrounding mental health and wellbeing.

I have always considered myself to be a positive person. A strong person.
Having always helped others within my community, I suddenly had to help
myself, stop myself from feeling negative. So I started walking lots, and
meditating, and listening to podcasts. These small changes triggered more
positivity within me than ever before.

I began reading a lot and learning about the law of attraction. I started to
understand the principles of ‘what you think you become’, and this pushed
me to dig deeper.

I started seeing an NLP practitioner in the hope of removing negative
beliefs. In doing so, it helped me to realise that we have to find the cause of
a situation in order to understand why we react in a certain way. I could
suddenly clearly see that I needed to make changes.

As I mentioned, I’ve always been a positive person, but sometimes the
journey we find ourselves on leaves us feeling negative. These feelings can
embed themselves deeply and create self-doubt within us.
I can see more clearly now. When life places an obstacle in my path I am
equipped with the tools to change the way I tackle it.

So I trained and qualified as an NLP Practitioner, Timeline therapist and
Hypnotherapist, and that’s why I am here today, embarking on a career I
truly believe in. Something that will help other people discover their inner
light and propel them into a future they deserve.

By keeping a positive mind we can bring positivity into our lives. I truly
believe that what we think we become. Join me and I’ll show you the way
to transforming your mindset and achieving powerful change.