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Let me empower you to live your best life, with practical NLP techniques to
transform negative thought processes into desired outcomes.

Marble Surface
Timeline Therapy 

If past events are holding you back, let’s work together to overcome negative emotions and unleash your inner potential.

Marble Surface

As a hypnotherapist I can help unlock your subconscious mind, to free you from all that holds you back from living your best life.


COVID-19 and the lockdown in 2020 brought about a period of uncertain
change for all of us. It was certainly like nothing I had experienced before.
Suddenly I was isolated, living alone, allowed out for exercise once a day. It
was a challenge to say the least, but on the positive side, it enabled me to
discover myself and opened my eyes to the need for more awareness
surrounding mental health and wellbeing.

I have always considered myself to be a positive person. A strong person.
Having always helped others within my community, I suddenly had to help
myself, stop myself from feeling negative. So I started walking lots, and
meditating, and listening to podcasts. These small changes triggered more
positivity within me than ever before.
I began reading a lot and learning about the law of attraction. I started to


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I will walk with you as you take the bridge of self-discovery to find powerful
change on the other side.


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